Some would say that we are born into a life of struggle, and it’s how we get out of this and live from the centre of our being that matters.  But what is this struggle that we must escape from?  Well, it can take many forms, like belonging to a family with little income, having too much money (believe it or not, an over-privileged childhood has been known to lead to stagnancy later in life, though this is not always the case), having a physical disability, being put into foster care, being shy, being over or underweight, having abusive parents etc.  In fact, the list can go on forever, because at some point in our lives, we must face situations in which we are forced to overcome fears and learn new skills like reading, knowing how to communicate effectively, basic arithmetic, riding a bike and swimming.  Even phobias such as a fear of spiders or heights are seen as a personal struggle.

But stop for a second and breathe.  Is life really an up hill struggle?

As a race, we have come so far, yet certain things have remained the same since the beginning, such as the desire to be more, the frantic search for appreciation and the hectic race to be the best.  Will we ever evolve to a state where we can find true peace instead of constantly searching outside of ourselves for validation?  Will we ever set up systems which treat each person as an individual instead of turning us into a robotic herd?  Will we ever see life as a beautiful journey full of possibilities and joy?

My forthcoming eBook puts forward, among other things, the notion that we are already great by nature, and that we no longer have to compete with those around us.  Could it be true?

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Seeing is believing?


“Excuse me, I’d like to exchange death and sadness for two boxes of happiness and three kilograms of love.  And, if its in stock, get me three scoops of joy while you’re at it!”

Imagine if we lived in a world where feelings and sensations were tangible, where we could physically touch and see them.  Love would be a red fluffy heart shaped pillow filled with golden light.  Happiness would be a never ending piece of flowing cloth.  Depression would be a backpack filled with tremendous weight and Death would be a silent crawling insect.

But we can’t see this invisible realm.  It’s beyond our scope of vision, yet it exists like the space between stars and planets.  We know this because we can measure it using scientific method.

The fact is we are only beginning to scratch the surface of what it means to be human.

And while we’re on the subject, let me pose this question to you, can humans fly?  A few days back, I saw a music video where a man was passing above the canopies of vast forests like a bird on caffeine, dipping into valleys and rising above mountain tops, all done with the aid of a rocket pack.  Although it takes a hefty piece of technology and plenty of fuel to do it, the answer to the question is hell yes, humans can fly (with the aid of a jet pack!)

What about those monks in the Himalayas who sit in freezing temperature in thin robes without feeling a chill, or that boy who sat in a deep state of meditation for four years without sustenance?  And have you heard about that disabled man who paints with his feet?  Or the doctor who cooks and feeds the homeless?  Big or small, examples are all around us though at times fear, conditioning and personal strife hold us back from seeing the beauty.