Everything is happening now!

Last week saw the release of my latest book in paperback. For me, An Inspiring Afternoon is more than a book. It’s a tool to bring people back on track, to understand the true source of happiness and to shed light on why we’re not living the lives we were meant to be living.

The underlying message in the book is summed up in this tiny quote from Page 136:

“Your life is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings.”

But what does that actually mean in practical terms? Well, the book goes on to consider an idea that’s relatively new in the field of Quantum Physics. Don’t worry, this ain’t no Physics lecture! It’s also been researched in Neuroscience and is touched upon in Buddhism. I’m talking about the nature of time, specifically the theory that everything is happening now. Yep, we went deep!

What Grandma (the wise protagonist) says in the book is this:

“All things are happening now. You just pick up on a part of everything, depending on how your brain is wired.”

I know what you’re thinking: Perhaps Grandma should stay off the early morning Sambuca shots. But stay with me on this. Her logic is simple. She says:

“Think about it, the past has gone and the future is yet to be seen, so that must mean that this moment, right now, is all we have. You see, science tells us that everything is ultimately vibrating energy in constant motion, whether a rock or an animal, this planet or a distant nebula. Even when you sit there, your cells are regenerating, your thoughts evolving; you’re not the same person you were several minutes ago. Whatever happens, that energy is all there is. Nothing new is added or taken away. It’s the same stuff that was here at the time of creation and will always be here in some form or another. It all exists now. It can never be destroyed or be added to. All is now, and so everything is happening now.”

Assuming she’s correct, why can’t we see everything, right now?

“I never said you could see everything. I said everything was happening now. You are limited in your perception. We all are. We simply cannot see everything. Look at our eyes, they only detect a certain frequency of light, yet we know that other forms of light exist as well, only that our senses do not even scratch the surface. When you walk into a candy shop you don’t see all the sweets at once. That’s impossible. You may see the ones directly in front or know exactly where your favourite ones are, but that doesn’t mean that the other sweets, the ones you don’t like, disappear. No, they still exist in the same moment. You pick up on what your brain is wired to perceive. You can approach this concept from many angles: The universe gives you what you feel and ask for; you only attract that which you radiate; what you focus on grows; or, physical reality is a mirror of your thought patterns.”

Where does this fit into the idea that our life is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings? Well, she goes on to say:

“Think about the painter, upset that he can’t find a suitable subject to paint. He walks into his room. A programme on a distant, colourful galaxy is showing on the television. A newspaper depicting a face is on a table. From his window, there’s a beautiful view. Everything is happening there, but he only picks up on those things that are in alignment with his frequency of thought: disappointment. He fails to see the programme about the mysteries of the universe with its vibrant galaxies, in fact, he changes the channel. He even ignores the beautiful sunset outside and misses the opportunity to see the nest of birds in a nearby tree, all beautiful subjects for a painting. Instead, he swims in disappointment, blind to the doors of opportunity before him.”

What do I pick up on?

Here’s a way to see what you pick up on: Observe yourself from a distance. You should never compromise on the quality of you or your life. This requires focus and patience. So, when analysing yourself from a distance, think of yourself as an inspector scrutinizing a product—this living, breathing, feeling mass of energy…You. Analyse that person’s nature, look at his or her attitude, and look at their use of language. Do they say things like, “I’ve got so much to worry about,” “I can’t wait until Friday, then I can start living,” “I’ve got too many bills to pay,” or “I hate this weather”?

It’s a method that forces you to be brutally honest with yourself. You can’t betray that which you love. Soon, you’ll spot the trends, start seeing why you’re living the life you are, why you’re experiencing the things you are, why bad things always happen to you or why you’ve never set eyes upon that opportunity staring you in the face…

If this article has tickled your grey matter, you can get more here:

Paperback closeup

An Inspiring Afternoon : The Book You Should Have Received at Birth



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