The root of the problem


In the wake of recent atrocities across Paris (and indeed the free world) we have to ask ourselves: What’s going on? What drives a person to murder innocent civilians? How can we stop it or at least begin the process of creating a peaceful planet?

A big factor in this discussion is a concept many people shy away from. God. Even today, in the 21st Century, you can negotiate with someone about property, money, cars, jobs etc. but when it comes to their God, you cannot say a single thing. It’s very deep-rooted.

It’s confusing if you think about it. Isn’t God supposed to be almighty? Whether you believe in God or not, you’ll know his/her/its attributes: omniscient, superior, creator of all that is etc. Yet somehow that powerful creator needs protecting?! How can we truly say that we know or understand God?

We can’t define something that’s bigger than our imaginations, our brains just can’t do it. So how can we limit the unlimited to mere words? How can God fit into a book?

I’m not saying that the Bible, Koran, Torah, Bhagwad Gita etc. are wrong, in fact, there are some amazing unifying concepts to be found in all religions and cultures. All I’m saying is when a person finds a reason to kill someone from a book of God, something’s not right, especially when God is said to be nothing less than the embodiment of Love. The truth is, there’s no excuse or justification for harming another living being, that’s just common sense. Perhaps the atheists and agnostics are right: its better to respect all faiths and all living things yet remain undecided on God, because the fact remains, no one can really explain or understand something they can’t comprehend.

The flipside is that people of all faiths are uniting against terrorism. The truth is, there are more peace-loving humans on this planet than terrorists. That’s a fact.

Religion is meant to heal, ignite hope in people and unite all of humanity. If, through prayer, by lighting a lamp in a shrine or reading scripture, we find ways to live in peace with one another, then great, but if religion is being used to incite fear and to justify the killing of innocent people, something’s not right and action has to be taken at the root of the problem.


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