The Secrets of Eternal Youth – Is it possible to look and feel younger?

The haggard look has never been a good one, yet, it happens to all of us, especially when we become attached to the race of life. We compete, crave and chase after status, money, recognition and love. In the process, we forget ourselves. In fact, we punish our bodies and minds with stress and unhealthy diets. And, what happens to that which we neglect? Yes, it begins to wither and erode. Do this, strip down and look in a mirror. Analyse your body carefully. Are your eyes recessed into your sockets? Is your skin dry? But, as always, to correct the superficial things you need to begin at the root. Let’s go deeper. Do you slouch? Is your breathing shallow and fast? Do you have lines falling off from the edge of your lips? Are you pessimistic? Are you irritable? Do you find it hard to focus?

For the beginning the human race has been searching for the fountain of youth, a magic wand to cure the torture we have placed on ourselves. Perhaps it exists as a liquid that can be consumed, which miraculously transforms us in seconds, or maybe it’s an incantation which, if spoken aloud every morning, will eventually burn the fat around our stomach’s. You see where this is going?! In reality, there is only one thing that can change you, and, funnily enough, it’s you! The good news is there are methods to evoke vitality and freshness. A simple example is posture. Did you know that correct posture can take years off your age? Another example is breathing correctly. Did you know that at this moment your body is not receiving enough oxygen because your inhalations are too shallow? No wonder we get tired so easily. You see, the power is in our hands. If we want to change something, we have to do something – it’s that simple. Diet plays an important role too as does our level of activity. Are you eating clean, perishable foods or are you gorging yourself with fatty and sugary foods? Are you drinking enough water? Also, check your lifestyle. For example, are you getting enough sleep? Do you work all the time? Analyse your life from a distance, identify the bad habits and make a change.

A long time ago, a retired army officer was travelling in the Himalayas when he came across a monastery. There, he learned five dynamic exercises to aid in weight-loss, increase flexibility and vitality thereby promoting a youthful appearance. These simple exercises went on to be known as The Five Tibetan Rites. They are a fantastic way to induce sweating and rise out of a sedentary lifestyle, and they’re great for a good night’s sleep too.

Information on eBook coming soon…


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