Illogical Wisdom – The Art of Free Writing

my deskWriting is great. You get to explore new places and find out new things about yourself. But, I often have those moments where I’m lost for words. For me, it happens before I start a chapter, when I’m aware of the enormity of the task at hand.

There’s a great way to jumpstart the inner stream. If you haven’t tried it, Free writing is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Free writing involves you writing on a piece of paper, or on a computer, without thinking. That’s right, just write whatever comes to mind. Don’t try to be logical about it, just write. It could be words, or partial sentences. The great thing is that grammar and structure do not matter.

Because we’re used to self-editing it can seem hard at first, but when you get the hang of it, the words will pour out of you like water from an overfilled carafe!

It’s a great tool, not just for writers but for anyone who is looking for an answer. That’s why it has been utilised by psychologists for decades from counselling marriages to treating mental conditions. Often, free-writing will tap into something you weren’t paying attention too. That’s the beauty of it. And, of course, you weren’t paying attention because it was too ludicrous or illogical. It’s how we are taught to behave. We somehow overlook that which does not make sense. That’s where this method works, it brings out all the uncensored, obvious, illogical stuff for you to gawk at later on. So, give it a go.


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