Living in the Moment – The benefits of a day of mindfulness


In truth, we’re all over the place.  Our thoughts are travelling back and forth between regret and worry.  To set our attention on the present moment is difficult.  Why? Because, that’s the way we’ve been brought up.  It’s a psychological habit.  The systems we’ve inherited from those before us have moulded us into stressed-out, anxious, question marks.  For some, even taking a break is a chore.  Offensive, even.  Sometimes, you’ll hear people say “I’m so busy, I don’t have time to think about myself,” as if it’s something to be proud of.  And, then there are those who feel immense guilt, “No, I’m strong, I don’t need a break!” – This kind of mentality can lead towards hypertension, stress or even depression.

The fact is, our lifestyle has affected our health, breathing and posture, not to mention the way we perceive the world and life.

But, there is a solution.  It’s been around for centuries, and you probably do it already.  It’s called Mindfulness – the act of focusing the mind in the present moment.  Try it now,

Close your eyes.  Hear your breath.  Before you inhale, say in your mind, “I’m breathing in.”  Then, breathe in.  Count in your head.  How many seconds did it take for you to breathe in?  Now do the same when you exhale.  It’s a simple task, but one that cannot be done without you being mindful of it.  During the exercise did you think about your mortgage, or what you’re going to have for dinner?  For a brief moment, you gave your brain a breather.

A recent study has proved that those who practice a mindful task such as meditation or painting are more likely to be able to make rational, relaxed decisions compared to those who place their brains under stress.

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