‘Day of Mindfulness’ – Living in the Moment (Kindle Ebook)

???????????????????????????????There are 7 billion people on this planet.  But only a handful are really here, present in this moment.  That’s because most of us are travelling through our thoughts, regretting the past or worrying about the future.  But, as medical science tells us, worry is bad for our bodies.  It creates knots in our necks and pain in our hearts.

Remember when you were a child?  Remember how carefree you were?  We need to get back to that point.  It’s not as easy as you may think, but then again it could be as simple as clicking your fingers.  The fact is, it’s as hard as you believe it to be.  But, there are some basic techniques you need to correct in order to maintain your focus.  I’m talking about your breathing pattern; it’s all wrong.  A breath should fill you with life and should not begin and end in your lungs.  In fact, you should be breathing from your stomach.  The other thing is posture.  How can you possibly see the world if you’re an anxious, irritable question mark?

The point is, you’re a product of conditioning.  You’ve been brought up in a world of laptops and systems.  But, what if you were to grab the reins?  What if you moulded life to your whim instead?

It’s time to break those rules and make new ones.

If you’re up for it, click here for the link to Amazon.

Thanks for reading.

“Anybody on the path, looking for wisdom and guidance will find plenty in this book!”

“This is a good book that addresses an issue which affects a lot of people.  It offers good advice, relevant for today’s world.”

Day of Mindfulness

Milan Bakrania (Emissary Books)

Published Dec 2014



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