The need for space


A person needs his or her space, and those in the creative field (whether hobby or profession) will know the value in creating a suitable atmosphere.  Freedom is necessary to get those creative juices going.

Clean, airy spaces with ample room to spread and with access to daylight and, if possible, a great view are ideal, but sometimes you have to work with what you have.  Try not to compromise on much because it can affect your work.

What I do is set up shop on my desk.  I love starting with a clean desk, so all my notes and research are tucked away neatly in drawers and files.  Even when I’ve worked all day, with papers everywhere, I make sure I’ve cleaned up and put them in some kind of order than I understand before the working day comes to a close.  It’s just the way I work and you will have your own way of doing things, and that’s the key.  Don’t conform or go by the words of others.  Find your own path.  Ask yourself: What will make my creative juices flow better?

The other thing I do is immerse myself in music.  It depends how I feel on the day, and what I’m writing, but more often than not I love meditative or mood music.  I tend to stay away from orchestral and over-bearing compositions.  I’m the kind of person who visualises a scene before I write it.  It lives in my head for days.  I find that music helps to tease it out.  But saying that, some days I sit in silence and write or paint, so hey, there’s no one rule to follow.

Also, there’s nothing on my walls.  I keep ’em bare.  It’s just a personal preference.  Too much clutter holds me back.

That’s pretty much it.  I keep things as simple as possible.  One desk, a hi-fi system and bookshelves.  The rest is open space, ample for my thoughts to project.

And so, to all the budding creative sparks out there, I urge you to find your space.  Perhaps its a room in your house or flat, perhaps a studio or maybe you prefer a seat in your local library.  Whatever the place, make it your own.  Furnish it lightly and make sure you are away from distractions, so you can get on with writing or painting in peace.


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